Translation Text, a comprehensive Qur'an website has an exhaustive list of resources related to Al-Qur'an. The complete Source code of the IslamKit Application. This app itself meets most of the requirement of online developers who are looking to develop a Qur'an Website. The following list is copied directly from Allah bless the people who have put this together. The linked-files are on server.
Attached with this page (scroll to the bottom of this page) are 5 files from the list of files available on website.

Quran Translations Database Text Files Downloads
Quran Azerbaijani.
Quran Bosnian.
Quran Chinese Simplified.
Quran Chinese.
Quran Dutch.
QuranEnglish.zipQuran English.
QuranEnglishAsad.zipQuran English Asad.
QuranEnglishPickthall.zipQuran English Pickthall.
QuranEnglishQaribullah.zipQuran English Qaribullah.
QuranEnglishShakir.zipQuran English Shakir.
Quran English US.
Quran Finnish.
Quran French.
Quran German.
QuranIndonesian.zipQuran Indonesian.
Quran Italian.
Quran Japanese.
Quran Korean.
Quran Latin.
QuranMalaysian.zipQuran Malaysian.
Quran Mexican.
Quran Persian.
Quran Poland.
Quran Portuguese.
Quran Russian.
Quran Spanish.
QuranSwahili.zipQuran Swahili.
Quran Tamil.
Quran Thai.
QuranTransliterationEnglish.zipQuran Transliteration English.
Quran Turkish.

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