Quran Chapter-List

Chapter 1 Faatihah The Opening    
Chapter 2 Baqarah The Cow    
Chapter 3 Aali-'Imraan The Family of 'Imraan  
Chapter 4 Nisaaa' Women     
Chapter 5 Maaa-'idah The Table Spread   
Chapter 6 An-'aam Cattle     
Chapter 7 A'-raaf The Heights    
Chapter 8 Anfaal Spoils of War   
Chapter 9 Tawbah Repentance     
Chapter 10 Yuunus Jonah     
Chapter 11 Huud Hud     
Chapter 12 Yusuuf Joseph     
Chapter 13 Ra'd The Thunder    
Chapter 14 Ibraahiim Abraham     
Chapter 15 Al-Hijr The Rocky Tract   
Chapter 16 Nahl The Bee    
Chapter 17 Baniii-'Is-raaa-'iil The Children of 'Israel  
Chapter 18 Kahf The Cave    
Chapter 19 Maryam Mary     
Chapter 20 Taa-Haa Ta-Ha     
Chapter 21 A'mbiyaaa' The Prophets    
Chapter 22 Hajj The Pilgrimage    
Chapter 23 Mu'-minuun The Believers    
Chapter 24 Nuur Light     
Chapter 25 Furqaan The Criterion of Right and Wrong
Chapter 26 Shu-'araaa' The Poets    
Chapter 27 Naml The Ant    
Chapter 28 Qasas The Story    
Chapter 29 Ankabuut The Spider    
Chapter 30 Ruum Romans     
Chapter 31 Luqmaan Luqman     
Chapter 32 Sajdah The Prostration    
Chapter 33 Ahzaab The Clans    
Chapter 34 Saba' Saba     
Chapter 35 Faatir The Angels    
Chapter 36 Yaa-Shiiin Ya Sin    
Chapter 37 Saaaffaat Those Who Set The Ranks
Chapter 38 Saaad Saad     
Chapter 39 Zumar The Troops    
Chapter 40 Mu'min The Believer    
Chapter 41 Fussilat They are Expounded   
Chapter 42 Shuurah Counsel     
Chapter 43 Zukhruf Ornaments of Gold   
Chapter 44 Dukhaan Smoke     
Chapter 45 Jaasiyah Crouching     
Chapter 46 Ahqaaf The Wind-Curved Sandhills   
Chapter 47 Muhammad Muhammad     
Chapter 48 Fat-h Victory     
Chapter 49 Hujuraat The Private Apartments   
Chapter 50 Qaaaf Qaf     
Chapter 51 Zaarayaat The Winnowing Winds   
Chapter 52 Tuur The Mount    
Chapter 53 Najm The Star    
Chapter 54 Qamar The Moon    
Chapter 55 Rahmaan The Benficent    
Chapter 56 Waaqi-'ah The Event    
Chapter 57 Hadiid Iron     
Chapter 58 Majaadalah She That Disputeth   
Chapter 59 Hashr Exile     
Chapter 60 Mumtahanah She That Is To Be Examined
Chapter 61 Saff The Ranks    
Chapter 62 Jumu-'ah The Congregation    
Chapter 63 Munaafiquun The Hypocrites    
Chapter 64 Tagaabun Mutual Disillusion    
Chapter 65 Talaaq Divorce     
Chapter 66 Tahriim Banning     
Chapter 67 Mulk ulk The Sovereignty   
Chapter 68 Qalam The Pen    
Chapter 69 Haaaqqah The Reality    
Chapter 70 Ma-'aarij The Asending Stairways   
Chapter 71 Nuuh Noah     
Chapter 72 Jinn The Jinn    
Chapter 73 Muzzammil The Enshrouded One   
Chapter 74 Muddassir The Cloaked One   
Chapter 75 Qiyaamah The Rising of the Dead
Chapter 76 Insaan or Dahr Time or Man
Chapter 77 Mursalaat The Emissaries    
Chapter 78 Naba' The Tidings    
Chapter 79 Naazi-'aat Those Who Drag Forth  
Chapter 80 Abasa He Frowned    
Chapter 81 Takwiir The Overthrowing    
Chapter 82 Infitaar The Cleaving    
Chapter 83 Tatfiif Defrauding     
Chapter 84 Inshiqaaq The Sundering    
Chapter 85 Buruuj The Mansions of the Stars
Chapter 86 Taariq The Morning Star   
Chapter 87 A'-laa The Most High   
Chapter 88 Gaashiyah The Overwhelming    
Chapter 89 Fajr The Dawn    
Chapter 90 Balad The City    
Chapter 91 Shams The Sun    
Chapter 92 Layl The Night    
Chapter 93 Zuhaa The Morning Hours   
Chapter 94 Inshiraah Solace     
Chapter 95 Tiin The Fig    
Chapter 96 Alaq The Cloth    
Chapter 97 Qadr Power     
Chapter 98 Bayyinah The Clear Proof   
Chapter 99 Zilzaal The Earthquake    
Chapter 100 Aadi-yaat The Coursers    
Chapter 101 Al-Qaari-'ah The Calamity    
Chapter 102 Takaasur Rivalry in Worldly Increase  
Chapter 103 Asr The Declining Day   
Chapter 104 Humazah The Traducer    
Chapter 105 Fil The Elephant    
Chapter 106 Quraysh Winter' or 'Qureysh'   
Chapter 107 Maa-'uun Small Kindness    
Chapter 108 Kawsar Abundance     
Chapter 109 Kaafiruun The Disbelievers    
Chapter 110 Nasr Soccour     
Chapter 111 Lahab Palm Fibre    
Chapter 112 Ikhlaas The Unity    
Chapter 113 Falaq The Daybreak    
Chapter 114 Naas Mankind     
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