Quran South African Style [30 PDF Files] 
Quran-13-Line-Gif-files [30 Zip Files]

Following are the scanned pages of Qurans published by Saudi based King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur'an. Pages were downloaded from

Item iconEgypt.zip57 MB
Item iconMadina_A.zip50 MB
Item iconMadina_B.zip45 MB
Item iconMadina_New.zip57 MB
Item iconQaloon.zip72 MB
Item iconShmarly.zip41 MB
Item iconTajweed.zip73 MB
Item iconUrdu.zip46 MB
Item iconWarsh.zip41 MB

Please check back later as I convert the scanned pages to PDFs, InshaAllah.

Following is the main Google Docs shared URL: